What would cause recurring wide-spread pain?

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Answered by: Gary , An Expert in the Life With Chronic Pain Category
Recurring wide-spread pain can make everyday life severely limiting. It has been my unfortunate experience that while treatment is available, the cure is often out of reach for the average person. The causes of recurring wide-spread pain are different from person to person. In my situation, I grew up racing off-road motorcycles and more than once found myself as a human rocket soaring through the air without my bike underneath me. The only thing worse than the injuries was the lengthy recovery times that I would face to get back to some semblance health.

I have had many instances of re-injuring myself due to the significance of the original injuries sustained. It has become increasingly harder to recover from these occurrences. My doctors have given me different advice as to my options. Some have suggested that my weakened health state will continue to deteriorate as I progress through the years. Others have suggested that surgery may be able to significantly alleviate my pain levels. While that would appear to be great news to most, they have never been able to predict or guarantee an actual success-to-failure ratio. In my own research of my options, I have talked to many people that have had similar operations with drastically varying results. Some reported minor improvements in their post operation pain levels, while others reported no change whatsoever. In rare instances, operations of this magnitude actually incurred complications that caused even further damage and progressively worsened symptoms. Even if the odds were favorable and I believed the risks were worth it, most surgeries dealing with spinal and nervous systems are considered elective procedures which means it would be an out-of-pocket expense.

The best result I could hope for is to take medicine to enable the reduction of the pain. This will incur a different type of pain though.The pain of not being able to enjoy the same things out of life as a regular person of good health. The pain of being alone due to people not understanding how nerve and muscle pains limit someone. The pain of not being able to enjoy the same hobbies as your friends that you grew up with and losing many of them in the process.

There are any avenues of treatment available that I have found useful that allow for a reduction in the amount of medications I have to take. Physical therapy is a highly recommended form of relief. As with any other treatment, there are benefits and drawbacks. The benefits are on par with what can be expected of any physical therapy treatment while the drawbacks add to the pain. Initially, the pain is much worse due to the range of motion exercises the staff makes you perform. It comes down to what is best described as a rotating pain. You end up trading muscle pain and spasms for joint pain. I will gladly trade the progressive nerve pain for either of those pains in a heartbeat.

When it comes down to it, no pain is good pain. You learn ways to adapt your lifestyle to limit the amount of damage you do to yourself over the course of time. Each situation is different, hopefully in time you will find out what works for your specific situation.

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